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Happiness through training

Dog Walking on a Sunny Day
Dogs Running

We believe that there is room for a dog in many different lifestyles. A dog is your best friend in your everyday routine, but to get there with a smile on your face and a happy and healthy dog requires some basic knowledge about dog psychology and needs your furry friend has


Basic puppy training

Basic commands, basic socialization, basic handling of your dog

starting at 50$ per session

Pack adjustments

developing your dogs position in the house and family, helpful tips and tricks how to make you a confident leader of the pack

call for pricing

Advanced training

specific behavior you would like to work on and more complex commands

starting at 60$ per session

Correcting Behavior

from leash pulling to food or toy aggression, behaviors that need to be fixed for everybody's health and safety

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A well exercised dog is a happy dog

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